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A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and everything else that's stressing you out at the office.

Smart, valuable, and full of actionable insights, Lenny’s Newsletter offers in-depth research, expert knowledge. The newsletter takes advice column format as it tackles reader questions about all things product, growth, and people management. Lenny Rachitsky shares his experience and learnings while explaining the importance of retention, paths into product management, and ways to build a marketplace business. Subscribe to this must-read newsletter and get smarter.


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Lenny Rachitsky, a former Growth PM at Airbnb, discovered the things he enjoyed the most, and is now writing a weekly newsletter, angel invests, and occasionally advises companies.


Choosing the free version you are supposed to get one email a month. And it seems to be true.


The paid subscription of Lenny’s Newsletter costs $15. The newsletter is being sent two times a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays. The subscription gives you an invitation to a private paid-subscriber community, an email synthesizing the community’s best advice, and a full archive - all in addition to the weekly emails.

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Must-have for startups

I feel it is the best resource for PM/Growth and a must-read for entrepreneurs or anyone involved in building product

Brilliance delivered in bite-sized packages

Lenny has the unique ability to deliver content that is both timely, relevant, and substantive. I'm smarter because I subscribe to Lenny's newsletter.

Great Content

Lenny’s Newsletter is by far one of the best newsletters I have subscribed to and enjoy reading. His newsletter provide great insights from product launch to acquiring your first paying customers.

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