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Each week, Luke sparks the creativity of marketers & founders by sharing how he'd launch & grow a new business idea. Ideas range from a social proof app for service workers to a long-form monetized version of Twitter (think text-based YouTube), to a BitClout exchange. Looseleaf Cannon consists of “a few things” recommended by the author (like a Twitter thread or an article worth reading) and this week’s product idea - How I would launch and scale “x”. 

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Luke Cannon is a SaaS founder at Timeless.so and a Marketer at a few different startups, passionate about all things start-ups. In addition to Looseleaf Cannon, he has been creating online on LinkedIn & Twitter for a couple of years now.


Looseleaf Cannon is a free, previously weekly, recently - occasional newsletter. Luke Cannon started focusing more on quality vs quantity, therefore started sending the newsletter only when he has something really worth sharing.

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