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Musing about living life online.

Monomythical is Nadia Eghbal’s personal place. It is considered to be “halfway between a blog and a journal”. The author shares her interest in open source, thoughts on the online-offline world, and the creators of the internet. Monomythical draws parallels between tech companies and Disneyland rides and debates the meaning of Twitter friends and the crash of our social markets. Subscribe for the monthly conversation and a bonus of personal notes and reading recommendations.



Nadia Eghbal is a writer and researcher, author of Working in Public, and Head of Writer Experience at Substack. She is very interested in open source and “likes to understand how people work.” Nadia Eghbal has been writing a blog for close to a decade, but the newsletter came as an afterthought. Without a specific intention, she quickly found a solid audience and continued writing and playing with the format of her newsletter on Substack.


Monomythical is a free, monthly newsletter. From our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter once a week, usually at the beginning of it. A little warning - we haven’t received an e-mail in a few months, so if you’re planning to subscribe, we suggest exploring the archive while waiting on the newsletter.

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