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Writings about tech, corporate governance, the power & friction of incentives, strategy, interpersonal board dynamics, and activist fights.

Mike’s approach is always unique, take his article on equity grants for example. To many, this would seem a cut-and-dry financial matter, yet Mike uses his creative vision to show its similarities to detective thriller movies. His comparisons between the traits of company board members and Pokémon are just another example of this creative approach to the world of business and finance. This kind of refreshing approach really sets Mike apart from his peers and makes his work all the more interesting and engaging as a result. If you’re looking to become more knowledgeable about the financial world while remaining entertained, be sure to subscribe to Nongaap Investing!




Mike is an ex-activist investor, who's now leading the Artist Studio at WCM Investment Management. He sees this newsletter as a creative outlet to write about any of the numerous topics that interest him; whether that’s tech, investment, or corporate governance.


This newsletter is completely free, with Mike having paused his premium subscription model. However, Mike hasn’t created a post in over a year. While we await his return, his previous posts are still available on his Substack, and are certainly worth a read!

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