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​​I write a weekly newsletter about the future of work, money, and cities.

Dror Poleg wrote the book ‘Rethinking Real Estate’ and it seems that ‘rethinking’ became a common pattern in all of his writing. In his newsletter, Dror rethinks concepts such as Ponzi schemes or the need for belonging and explores their roles in a current setting. The author discusses the future of work as well as the future of the internet frequently focusing on socioeconomic effects. The newsletter usually consists of an original piece, a deep dive on the subject in question, but sometimes you’ll also find extensive commentary (almost a debate) on a high-profile article. 

So if you’re interested in the future of the internet and money - subscribe and stay informed.


Deep Dive


Dror Poleg is an author, speaker and founder. He’s also an economic historian and has a very colorful background - previously Dror has been a real estate private equity exec, startup founder, front-end developer, parliamentary advisor, and soldier.


Dror Poleg publishes free, weekly newsletter. Expect to receive an issue on Fridays.

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