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Weekly guide to the future.

Exponential View is a highly-respected newsletter on the future. Azeem Azhar uses a holistic approach and explores different perspectives of economics, technology, and business in order to understand what the future holds. Think about the connection between humanity and technology and learn how societies and policies change under the force of exponential technologies. Exponential View newsletter consists of long-form essays, predictions, curation of the things worth reading, weekly reminders of CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and peaks into the near future.



Azeem Azhar is an award-winning entrepreneur, strategist, analyst, and investor. After selling his company he wanted to do something else than just running his own business and decided to write a newsletter on the future, technology, and society. Now Exponential View is trusted by more than 53 thousand every week, has a podcast, and is recommended by leaders like Spotify’s Founder Daniel Ek.


When choosing the free version you are supposed to get only occasional public posts. But taking a closer look at the archive, it seems like the newsletter will reach your inbox once a week.


The paid subscription of Exponential View costs $12. The newsletter is being sent up to four times a week. The subscription gives you access to Friday members’ forum, invite-only live briefing call with the author, and some of the foremost experts creating, analyzing, and investing in the future. Don’t forget subscriber-only content (up to 3 issues a week), a full archive, and access “to every conversation Azeem Azhar has had on the Exponential View podcast”.

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