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Tech and relationships in the digital economy. 

No Mercy / No Malice is a Webby award-winning newsletter about human interactions with the economy, technology, and business. Prof Scott Galloway shares his insight on a different topic each week covering digital media, markets and society. You can find articles analysing big ideas and even bigger companies - from the economic downturns and how immigrants shaped Silicon Valley to how tech giant’s algorithms and ever-shorter content completely changed our attention span. Prof Galloway is detailing all sides of the puzzle using relevant research and legislation, and illustrative graphs to explain the outcomes. 

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Professor Scott Galloway has an impressive resume. He teaches digital marketing at NYU Stern and has founded multiple very successful companies like L2 and Prophet. He has also been a regular in the board meetings at The New York Times Company and Urban Outfitters among others. He’s a bestselling book author, runs 2 newsletters, and co-hosts a podcast Pivot


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