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The best writing spanning economics, investing, startups, and culture. 

Declarative Statements is a weekly newsletter targeted at curious people who seek hard analysis but also appreciate creativity. Katelyn Donnelly puts the current market environment in context by curating timeless content on emerging trends and sensible investing. The newsletter features the author’s original writing, which could take the form of brief thoughts or links to long-form articles, as well as sections for ‘Good Reads’ complimented with Katelyn’s commentary, and always - a ‘Weekly Song’. You will find topics ranging from the future of VC and the cons of too much money to the implications of the war in Ukraine.

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Katelyn Donnelly invests in early-stage companies and advises founders at Avalanche VC. She started Declarative Statements as a way to keep herself accountable on her side projects. As Katelyn puts it - “I’m an investor and builder at my core. I love exploring new ideas, making predictions, learning new things”. And just like that, what started as an email update to a couple of friends grew into an audience of die-hard fans.


Declarative Statements is a free, weekly newsletter. Every issue is being sent out on Friday night in the US.

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Totally worth it

You know what you're getting with Declarative Statements - insightful commentary about the latest investing news/trends/events, unique perspectives on the future, and a personal flair that makes it thoroughly enjoyable to read. It's rare that a newsletter has me listening to a song, clicking on multiple links, and also avidly reading every word, but Declarative Statements routinely does all three.

Insightful and cutting edge

Declarative statements is a great weekly newsletter that provides insight into the cutting edge of investing, Venture capital trends, and the macro environment. The author synthesizes tons of current topical content into understandable passages while also providing helpful insight into those complex topics. Highly recommend!

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