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Unstoppable trends that will have sweeping implications for the future.

Obviously the Future is a newsletter where the author Katelyn Donnelly writes about emerging trends that will possibly be in the limelight of the future. She aims to educate entrepreneurs on the rapidly changing business dynamics so they could explore newer business ideas, discover opportunities and plan smarter for the future. The author posts valuable insights, research, and real-life examples on topics ranging from the future of medicine to professional training through gaming - keeping you updated on different industries, the challenges they face, and their likely solutions.

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Katelyn Donnelly is an investor and entrepreneur. She is the founder and director of Avalanche VC, an early-stage venture firm investing in web3 and B2B companies. Katelyn started as a consultant at McKinsey in San Francisco serving technology companies and large financial institutions and is now investing in companies that are revolutionizing the future with trends that are obviously the future.


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