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Peter Attia’s Newsletter

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Non-lame, weekly emails on the latest strategies and tactics for increasing your lifespan, healthspan, and well-being.

Dr. Peter Attia is a physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. The research-driven newsletter focuses on how to live longer, be healthier, and optimize your performance. Peter Attia’s career in medicine, as a scientist, experience as an ultra-endurance athlete lends him a unique perspective. He explores strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, healthspan, and well-being, and optimize cognitive, physical, and emotional health.

The newsletter takes a form of a ‘summary’. You’ll find an intro to a recent article, an overview of a podcast episode as well as links to related content. The topics range from the feeling of guilt, and the ketogenic diet to hyperbolic discounting and the limitations of scientific work. 

Whether you’re just curious or wish to take charge of your well-being - subscribe and get actionable insights on how to lead a healthier life. 




Dr. Peter Attia is a Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician, Co-founder of ‘Zero’ and advisor for ‘Oura’. He’s been focusing on increasing lifespan (delaying the onset of chronic disease), while simultaneously improving healthspan (quality of life). The content he creates aims to translate the science of longevity into something more accessible and digestible for everyone.


The free 'subscription' is offered to you by default. You’ll receive the weekly email every Sunday as well as reminders of the new podcast episodes.


The subscription to Peter Attia’s newsletter costs $19 a month. It’s worth mentioning that the membership is there to support the author as well as get some exclusive content in addition to the regular schedule. So what will you get? A member-only, Ask Me Anything podcasts, comprehensive podcast show notes, and exclusive product discount codes. 

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