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The modern frontier of productivity.

Praxis is here to help you consume information in a more valuable way. The newsletter is full of insightful ideas, techniques, and frameworks that combine theory with practice. Tiago Forte publishes interviews and case studies together with step-by-step guides and deep dives into his best ideas. You will find practical tools to be more productive while WFH, summaries of the most important books in the field, and new perspectives on habits and time management.
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Deep Dive


Tiago Forte is a productivity expert, founder of Forte Labs, and a writer. He also launched a podcast - Building a Second Brain. Tiago Forte started the Praxis blog to create a collection of practical and valuable insights for every knowledge worker. The newsletter has been very successful and it is now part of the Every business/productivity newsletter bundle.


The newsletter is part of the Every - a writer collective that offers a variety of business/productivity newsletters as a bundle. By subscribing to a free version you are supposed to receive occasional public posts, but all of the issues of Praxis are under the paywall. What you will get is a weekly Sunday Digest with summaries and links to all the content from the bundle, that was published throughout the week.

If you wish to silence some of the newsletters you can always change preferences on your account page (a link is being sent with every issue). You can opt-out from everything except Praxis, or - you can go all in and decide later!  


The paid subscription of Every bundle costs $20 (or $1 for 30 days trial and then $200 per year) and gives you access to the most in-depth articles from a variety of other business/productivity newsletters. 

Paid subscribers receive a new issue of Praxis every week, but it’s difficult to guarantee as we were only able to check the dates on the archives (everything is under the paywall). Either way, going paid suppose to increase both - quantity and the depth of the articles.

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