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How smart people organize what they know.

Superorganizers is a newsletter on all things productivity. Dan Shipper publishes in-depth articles, how-to’s, and interviews with productivity experts to help organize your knowledge. The newsletter explains systems and tools that can help you be more productive and provides access to necessary templates, courses, and software products. Learn how to make yourself into a learning machine, what is surgical reading, or what type of side hustle you should explore by subscribing to Superorganizers.


Deep Dive


Dan Shipper is a writer and entrepreneur. Wanting to build a productivity software company, Dan Shipper started by writing a newsletter. When it began to get some traction - he decided to build a newsletter company instead. Together with Nathan Baschez, he founded Every, writers collective and a newsletter bundle, that Superorganizers is a part of.


The newsletter is part of the Every - a writer collective that offers a variety of business/productivity newsletters as a bundle. By subscribing to a free version you will receive occasional public posts, subscriber-only content teasers, and a weekly Sunday Digest with summaries and links to all the content from the bundle, that was published throughout the week.

If you wish to silence some of the newsletters you can always change preferences on your account page (a link is being sent with every issue). You can opt-out from everything except Superorganizers, or - you can go all in and decide later!


The paid subscription of Every bundle costs $20 (or $1 for 30 days trial and then $200 per year) and gives you access to the most in-depth articles from a variety of other business/productivity newsletters.

Paid subscribers receive a new issue of Superorganizers usually twice a week, get access to a full archive, possibility to participate in open threads, post comments, and join the community. So going paid will increase both - quantity and the depth of the articles.

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