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Psychology to Make You Smarter.

Psych newsletter explains psychological phenomena and shows how you can use psychology to your advantage. Being a certified social psychologist Vaibhav aims to help readers better understand these concepts to improve their personal and professional life. He believes that by reframing your perspectives, getting your thoughts in order, and taking actionable steps you can move toward a happier, healthier life. Each issue has a format: the author explains the psychological concepts, explains why it’s important and describes when and where it occurs. You can expect posts on different theories, such as Cognitive Reappraisal, Tragic Optimism, the Rashomon Effect, and many more, which you'll be able to use to your best advantage.

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Vaibhav Dwivedi is a certified social psychologist. He believes understanding the psychology behind our actions can help us recognize unhealthy patterns and replace them with valuable alternatives. This belief has led him to create multiple projects, including writing the Psych newsletter, Learn Psychology Co, and The Psych Book.


Subscribing to the free version seems to give you almost the same content as the paid one with only a couple of exceptions placed behind the paywall. Subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter and consider supporting the author through a paid subscription.


Psych newsletter costs $5 a month. You suppose to get bi-weekly psychology insights, and podcast notes and join the network of intellectuals. In reality, it doesn't differ much from the free option, so subscribe for the support! 

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