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A newsletter about science, social-justice-activism, why they sometimes fight, and how to help them get along better.

Jesse Singal writes about the cultural divide, debates political correctness, and dives deep when trying to unpack questionable articles or social science papers. Singal-Minded is a newsletter that brings light to issues like Twitter’s culture wars, battles over linguistics, and super-wokeness. Subscribe for all things culture, current-events-rants, book giveaways, and “many, many dumb jokes”.



Jesse Singal is a journalist, who previously worked for New York magazine and an author of a book on behavioral science. He is also a co-host of a podcast “Blocked & Reported”, which was launched as an extension of his newsletter Singal-Minded.


By choosing the free version you are supposed to receive only occasional public posts. To be more precise, you will get the issue delivered to your inbox up to two times a month.


The paid subscription of Singal-Minded costs $5. The newsletter is being sent two to three times a week, though quite randomly. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content (two times a week vs. two times a month) and episodes in your podcast app, a full archive, and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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