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The Pudding is a digital publication that uses visual essays to explain ideas debated in culture.

Explore stories on thought-provoking cultural debates, ideas, and issues in a fun, engaging way. The Pudding is a digital publication that aims to explain cultural debates with easy-to-consume visual essays. Discover intriguing stories and exciting visual journalism on various topics, including, How Artists Get Paid from Streaming, The History of Rickrolling, and a Look at 200 Different Banknotes to See Who’s Represented on the World’s Currencies. The newsletter stands out because of its originality and reliability providing only legit news and helping the truth prevail.

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The team behind The Pudding aims to tackle complex issues and stories in society, including boldly talking about “racism, sexism, and classism head-on.” They believe in visual journalism as a means to inform people in a better, more engaging way, and instead of clickbait, they put focus on factual data.


The Pudding is a free, monthly newsletter. We couldn't find info on the frequency, but looking into the archive the articles have recently been published on a monthly basis. P.S. If you wish to explore more of The Pudding's content, visit their website - and not the substack page.

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