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Think more about the culture that surrounds you

Thought-provoking perspectives on a world full of hidden cultures are delivered to your inbox every week. The Culture Study is a newsletter where American writer and journalist Anne Helen Petersen shares her views on complex topics and discusses evolving cultures, and social issues with an aim to break the cycle of traditional thinking. Anne Helen Petersen shares deep dives, expert interviews, and weekly community threads and hosts occasional takeovers from guest writers. From misinterpretation of colored groups to understanding why millennials are under a mountain of stress - you’ll embark on a journey exploring different cultures in the vast world around you. 

Subscribe to Culture Study for insights into evolving cultures and trends to understand the changing dynamics of this world and keep your thinking broad.


Deep Dive


Anne Helen Petersen is an American writer and journalist. In 2014 she moved to New York to write for Buzzfeed News which helped her gain traction and later write a book of her own: Scandals of Classic Hollywood. Now, after publishing 4 more books she is dedicating her full attention to “Culture Study” to educate people on different perspectives of the cultures that surround them.


A free subscription to the culture Study will get you around 2 posts per week. Look out for one at midweek and another one on Sunday!


By being a paid member for $5/mo you’ll become part of a weird, fun, and interesting community where you’ll be able to comment on posts, join in on the weekly discussion threads and get an invitation to the exclusive Culture Study Discord group - all in addition to the weekly emails. You’ll also get weekly recommendations and an audio version of every post for a much better online reading experience.

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