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Thoughts on life + self-care for content creators.

Social Media Detox is a weekly newsletter with content tips and mental health resources to help you unplug when you're struggling to do so. Whether you’re spending a lot of time on social media for your career, or just generally find yourself trying to cut back on your screen time, Social Media Detox is going to help change your relationship with the...Social Media! After speaking to many other content creators, Nicole realized that exhaustion was common in her field, and became set on the aim of giving advice on how to detox from your device. Whether it's tips on how to be easier on yourself after a misstep or just general advice on how to tame that desire to be on your phone, Nicole has it covered.

So be sure to check out Social Media Detox, for tips that will improve your approach to the online world and TL;DRs on marketing and social media.




Nicole Tabak is a freelance copywriter and content creator. She is extremely passionate about protecting the mental health of content creators, as the web can at times be a very extreme landscape. She started Social Media Detox to do exactly that!


Social Media Detox is a completely free, weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox almost every Thursday.

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