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A newsletter about marketing's outsized role in breaking society (and how we can fix it).

Branded highlights that nothing about digital advertising is straightforward. The authors cover all things adtech, providing all the necessary information to help marketers advertise responsibly and keep their brands safe. Branded is covering the behind-the-scenes issues of adtech - from keyword blacklists to silencing trans-friendly media and from sentiment ratings to solving systemic racism. Subscribe and become an advocate for better marketing.


Deep Dive


Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi are both tech marketers. Nandini co-founded Sleeping Giants and is known as an industry leader for “fixing” adtech and Claire runs a marketing agency. Together they founded the “Check Your Ads” company that helps to empower marketers to protect their brands.


Branded is a free, monthly newsletter. Expect the issue to be delivered on a random day, one to three times a month.

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