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Complicated technology in simple language for the non-technical.

The technologic newsletter is making technology understandable for the average person. Chad Underwood is driven by the excitement he gets when he helps other people conquer their fears of technology. He paints a bigger picture, provides real-world examples, and different possible situations to highlight the importance of the issues and explain why YOU need to understand how it all works. From answering questions like what’s a zero-day or the trojan horse to explaining Operating Systems and APIs, Chad does it in a way that ‘a Kindergartener would understand”.




Chad Underwood aka the “Tech” guy has worked in tech for 16+ years. He believes that most people are scared of technology because they don't understand how it works. The newsletter is his way of trying to make technology more understandable for more people.


The free version of the technologic newsletter is a blog-style article. Delivered to your inbox every week on Wednesdays. 


The paid subscription to technologic costs $8 a month. The membership gives you access to an additional, simplified tech news recap with commentary, the full archive, and the ability to comment. What exciting? a 30-day free trial when subscribing.

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Super informative

I’ve never considered myself to be tech savvy but with this newsletter I’m getting there. Definitely worth checking out!

Great Resource for building tech literacy

I'm not exactly Chad's target audience, as I've been in tech for a long time. But I enjoy his pieces that break tech down into simple ideas that everyone can understand. I'm a big believer in everyone needing a higher level of tech literacy. I'm excited to support Chad as he helps make that a reality! Once you start to understand the concepts that have shaped the evolution of the world over the past 20-30 years, you are in a much better position moving forward.

Great info, highly recommended.

Even if you are tech Savy still a things to learn, keep em coming.

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