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The Hustle is a daily newsletter written for innovators of every industry. Filled with the most interesting stories on business, tech, and the internet, The Hustle aims to deliver news in an easy-to-consume format. Every day you’ll receive a highlight on The Big Idea where the team zooms in and out on a relevant issue, snippets on what’s going on in the world (and the web), and some bonus material like the Stat/Tweet of The Day or a Free Resource (like sales email template). If you’re searching for an informative, witty, and timely news source - you hit the jackpot! Subscribe to The Hustle and get the news you need.



A serial entrepreneur Sam Parr is the founder and CEO of the Hustle and a co-host of the My First Million podcast. He created the newsletter as a way to get smart people to come to his event. The HustleCon was his way to meet people who could help him start a business. The event turned out to be pretty popular and “the emails took a life of their own”. In 2021 The Hustle was sold and now is a part of marketing software company - Hubspot.


The Hustle is a free, daily newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox every day (except for Saturdays) at 7:30 am ET sharp.

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