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Build a more fulfilling career by integrating work with your life.

The Jungle Gym is a newsletter full of ideas on how to manage your career and work smarter. Nick deWilde aims to share insights about the changing nature of work to help you make better choices about your life and career. The author publishes three different types of emails: The Essay - a long-form article on the relevant topic, The Keyring - exchange with a domain expert about tools, methods, and frameworks they use to make progress in their careers and The Roundup - riffs and recommendations of good content Nick has been reading lately. 

Subscribe for topics ranging from Twitter addiction and working for the internet to in’s and out’s of platform branding. 


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Nick deWilde spent the better part of the last decade building pathways for talent development and helping people make progress in their careers. He has an MBA from Stanford GSB as well as a Psych BA from Stanford and currently works in Product Marketing at Guild. Prior to Guild, Nick deWilde helped run an immersive education program called Tradecraft, where we supported smart motivated people as they navigated career transitions into fast-growing startups.


The Jungle Gym is supposedly weekly, but more like a bi-weekly newsletter. From what we saw - you can expect to receive an issue two to three times a month, definitely on Sundays!

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