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The Slice is a highly curated newsletter that showcases emerging SaaS tools, growth resources, and brain food. Nic Getkate aims to create a useful directory of resources and “highlight the underdogs of the tech world.” The Slice contains recommendation links with commentary and other resources for your knowledgebase. The newsletter is divided into - This Week’s Catches, Communities/Newsletters, Blog posts/Articles, and The Podcast of The Week. So if you are a startup founder, freelancer, or just a curious mind who loves goofy GIFs - subscribe and stay up to date with the latest creations on the internet.




Nic Getkate is a creator and founder of The Slice newsletter and a freelance copywriter. Previously he has been working in the marketing space, writing viral copy and helping grow IndieStack. After finding the Indie Hackers forum he saw an opportunity to curate tools and actionable resources that usually would fly under the radar. Launched in the mid of 2020, The Slice is getting some real traction, giving Nic Getkate the “opportunity to connect with many different and extraordinary people” along the way.


The Slice is a free, weekly newsletter. The author is very consistent, so you are guaranteed to receive a new issue every Thursday.

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