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Tools, resources, case studies, and inspiration for the makers and indie entrepreneurs who are predicting the future by building it.

Hackerpreneur is a digital magazine with all sorts of content divided into a blog, newsletter, notes, quotes, and much more. Marc Eglon believes that great writing should be “spread across geography and time” and so he hand-picks a variety of valuable resources and essays from the world wide web to share perspectives on the future of work. Targeted for those “who live and work on their own terms”, Hackerpreneur hosts original long-form essays and curated collections of links to articles, videos. Read about fixing the internet, building products, and entrepreneurship and “keep on making”!



Marc Eglon is a founder, editor, and publisher of Hackerpreneur magazine, founder of newsletter discovery platform Letterlist. He is also growing his digital design and marketing agency Hyperlab and working on The Tiny Product Manual that aims to help to turn “atomic ideas into tiny products”. Marc Eglon believes in sharing your ideas and making things to “put a mark in the universe” and so, with all his ventures and creations, he encourages everyone to “build their tiny ideas”.


Hackerpreneur is a free, weekly newsletter. From our experience - it is difficult to say - we received only a few issues, they were indeed weekly, but there was a month of silence before and after. If you wish to subscribe, keep your fingers crossed, and explore the blog while you wait.

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