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Proven strategies to grow your audience and business 

For The Interested aims to inform entrepreneurs of all the ideas they will need to navigate their various market niches. By examining and highlighting essential lessons that have helped other people succeed Josh inspires you to build. The newsletter follows a clear format with sections for “The Starting Five’ ideas and ‘Sources and Sponsors’ following the author’s two cents on the topics. There’s also an additional perk - when subscribed, you’ll get a welcome email where Josh encourages you to share your work, so he could give you specific suggestions or/and even spread the word about your creations. 

So, using the words of an FTI fan - “If you’re a content marketer, run your company’s email newsletter, or are working in the subscription business, you need to be following Josh Spector. His newsletter is a must-read.”




Josh Spector is a marketing and business consultant, a writer, and an “idea guy.” He has an obsession with curiosity, learning, creativity, and curating valuable ideas to share with other interested people. Josh started For the Interested to provide value and positivity to all who come across it. Today, the newsletter has grown to garner more than 18000 subscribers.


For the Interested is a free, weekly newsletter full of top-quality ideas and lessons that will help improve your life and business results. Look out for an issue to hit your inbox on Sundays!

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Short Read, High Impact

Most days this newsletter is only one or two sentences, linking to an actionable resource. Super high-quality stuff. Worth it just for the tips on how to engage people on Twitter.

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