The Sociology of Business

The Sociology of Business

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A global analysis of how changing values change business.

The Sociology of Business is a newsletter focused on how brands shift in response to changes in consumer taste & values. Ana Andjelic covers case studies, strategy, and latest news while providing deep insights on consumer behaviors. So if you’re passionate about brand strategies and the modern aspirational economy - subscribe to The Sociology of Business newsletter and learn how to tell your brand story, the difference between flex and basic tastes, and the importance of human curation.



Ana Andjelic is a strategy executive with a doctorate in sociology. She is also an author and one of Forbes’ The World’s Most Influential CMOs. In addition to working for the world’s top brands, Ana Andjelic considers herself a founder as she has always been working for herself too - through writing, speaking and advising.


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A refreshing perspective on business

Ana Andjelic's newsletter comes with fresh insights at the intersection of sociology and business in ways I've just haven't imagined before. My favourite post on hers so far is on Social influence and how brands can strategically use it. She also has a YouTube channel which I see as an extension of her newsletter where she talks to people behind brands. Sociology + Business? Seriously, how cool is that?!?!

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