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"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle".

Previously a blog called Dish has made a comeback as a political newsletter - The Weekly Dish. Andrew Sullivan is pretty sure he will piss you off, but he believes it will encourage you to reevaluate ideas. The newsletter explores issues on race and gender, debates the Critical race theory and wokeness, and discusses the impact of social media and the meaning of liberal democracy. The Weekly Dish has multiple parts in it - the main column, dissent section where he engages, reacts, and argues with his readers, recommended newsletter list, and a Mental Health Break where the author shares a relevant video. Get all of this and much more by subscribing to The Weekly Dish.



Andrew Sullivan is a former editor of The New Republic and an author of six books. He started writing a political blog called The Dish back in 2000, which have moved to other media outlets before it came back in a newsletter format. Andrew Sullivan felt he wanted a “truly free intellectual space where anything...can be debated without personal abuse or questioning of motives”.


By choosing the free version you are supposed to receive a “ sizable excerpt of every edition in your in-tray every Friday.” Looking into our inbox, we can guarantee, that you will get something delivered two times a week (usually an issue and a link to a podcast episode).


The paid subscription of The Weekly Dish costs $5. The newsletter is being weekly up to 4 times a week (it really depends), but definitely on Friday. The subscription gives you full access to The Weekly Dish as a newsletter, a website, and a podcast (almost double the content that is available for free).

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