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Wonder Tools helps you discover the most useful sites and apps. 

Wonder tools is a weekly newsletter that will uncover helpful resources to save you time and make you more productive. Every week, Jeremy Caplan shares a new and exciting tool, stating its pros and cons and alternatives - all with screenshots guiding you through how to use them. You’ll explore a wide range of resources for every field of work you can imagine. Whether it's a smarter way of note-taking or a quick way of making short videos - there’s a helpful tool for everyone and everything.

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Jeremy Caplan is an educator and journalist who teaches classes and workshops and hosts webinars on entrepreneurship and digital journalism. He works as the director of teaching & learning at the Newmark Grad School of Journalism and has written for Time magazine, contributing articles to big companies like Google and Yahoo. His passion for exploring new things drives him to learn, explore and teach people to create new things in better, more creative ways.


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