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Disruptive thoughts, designs, and resources to help you build a better product.

Product Disrupt is a half-monthly newsletter where product designer and maker Darshan Gajara shares hand-picked stories and other inspirational & usable resources for your next product design project. He aims to equip designers, developers, makers, creative entrepreneurs, and founders with the best ideas and tools to develop a fantastic product. Every issue is jam-packed with valuable assets such as icon sets, templates and themes, side-projects to give you inspiration for your projects, and outstanding websites, portfolios, and work-in-progress from other creators to get your creative juices flowing.

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Darshan Gajara is a product designer and maker living in Berlin. Currently, he is the head of GraphCMS and runs Product Disrupt. He’s made a name for himself in the design industry through writing stories about design and travel, interviewing creators, mentoring designers, and curating design resources.


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