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Get focused.

Flow State is a newsletter focused on getting you focused. Each day they sent out an email at 3 am ET so you can start your workday with the essential work music. A brief introduction and background are provided of the artist of the day together with their style of music. The music is vocal-less, and ambient, although a little headbanging can occur when the lo-fi house starts playing. It ranges all the way from jazzy beats and groovy funk to mild instrumentals with a touch of synth. You can even find Estonian classical artists from the 90s. If the music of the day doesn’t work for you, there is a very long library of flowy music to choose from to enhance your workday. Subscribe for the best picks to get you focused and discover new music!




Marcus Moretti is a product person, working as a Senior Director at Axios. He started Flowstate in 2018 to provide ambient and experimental music for work. We couldn’t find much behind his goals and motivation behind the newsletter, but we believe that Flowstate will speak for itself.


A free subscription to Flow State will get you a newsletter with audio links almost every day (except for Tuesday).


The paid subscription to Flow State costs $5/month and gets you the additional 2-hour focus mix on Tuesdays, no ads, and a private Spotify playlist.
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