The Monday Medley

The Monday Medley

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Monday Musings from a curious individual

Monday Medley started as a curated newsletter filled with articles, videos, research pieces, valuable insights, and discussions. With time it has grown into a solid publication, where Nat Eliason brings his original perspectives on everyday topics. The author is very prolific having been writing for at least three publications and building in web3 simultaneously, so every newsletter issue starts with a quick update and links to his other writings and activities. So whether it’s on business and politics or relationships and psychology - you’ll always be in for a treat. 

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Nat Eliason is a writer who’s been writing on a bunch of random topics for years. He started his newsletter, Monday Medley, in the Spring of 2016 and has now grown it to over 30,000+ subscribers. He also has a keen interest in crypto and Web3 and has worked on a multitude of projects to create play-to-earn games. Currently, he’s working with Crypto Raiders, an NFT-based dungeon crawler on Polygon.


The Monday Medley is a free, weekly newsletter. You should expect to learn more about interesting things happening around the world every Monday.

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