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“Stop chasing after opportunities. Let them come to you. It's way more efficient that way.”

Writerpreneur Monthly is first and foremost a newsletter with monthly tips on how to create a personal digital presence that attracts the right opportunities so you can diversify yourself and build your own brand and empire. It also includes very transparent updates on the author’s entrepreneurial journey and the lessons learned. Subscribe to read Lena’s perspective on fighting imposter syndrome, the struggle with execution, and explore curated gems on the internet.



Lena Sesardic is originally Croatian but grew up in Japan and Hong Kong and is quadrilingual! She quit her product manager job to pursue entrepreneurship and discovered personal branding, online writing, and marketing instead. Lena believes she has a knack for finding unique ways to become more visible on the internet and has already attracted a mountain of opportunities with her methods. “My goal is to share them with my subscribers for free so they can build their own empire too”.


Writerpreneur Monthly is a free, monthly newsletter. We couldn’t verify the frequency, but fingers crossed you’ll receive an email from Lena in the upcoming month.

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