A Media Operator

A Media Operator

Thoughts on building digital media businesses.

A Media Operator discusses what is happening in media and provides actionable insights for current and prospective media operators. Jacob Cohen Donnelly talks about strategies and tactics while diving deep into business models, advertising, audience development, audio, and video. The newsletter has been extended to a podcast where the author interviews entrepreneurs and operators about their success and failures while building media companies.
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Deep Dive


Jacob Cohen Donnelly is a General Manager, B2B at Morning Brew, and a writer of A Media Operator that has now become a go-to niche newsletter for media.


When choosing the free version, you are supposed to receive only one piece of content a week, but actually, it varies from a week. You can expect around two content pieces a week - up to two newsletter issues and/or a podcast episode.


The paid subscription of A Media Operator costs $20. You will get the newsletter two to three times a week - definitely on Tuesdays and Fridays and a podcast episode now and then. The subscription provides premium members-only content (one additional issue on Fridays), access to the archive, the possibility to leave comments and participate in discussion threads. A members-only Slack channel is on the way as well.

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