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Strategy and investing, from big companies to small. Never boring.

Not Boring newsletter hosts long-form essays on business, technology, and a bit of pop culture, and it is indeed not boring! Packy McCormick finds the perfect balance between fun and educational, so think about it as the “most fun way to learn about business”. The newsletter is a mixture of business concepts and humor, analysis, and trends. Not Boring tackles topics like Slack’s long-term play, what’s behind Shopify’s doubling stock, and analysis of Tencent. Packy McCormick combines current events, the strategies behind the decisions companies make, economics and creates both valuable and engaging content. Subscribe and have fun reading it (or listening to an audio version).


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Packy McCormick is a writer and creator of Not Boring, founder of Not Boring Club, and former VP of Experience at Breather. He started Not Boring Club in 2019 with a wish to start a community full of smart, curious people, but as the pandemic hit, Packy McCormick’s supplemental newsletter has become the main focus. His goal is to meet interesting people, grow his audience, and manage to generate enough revenue to pay his rent.


Not Boring is a free, weekly newsletter. You will receive two e-mails per week - Monday’s deep dives on big public (or almost-public) companies, web3 protocols, and trends, and Thursday’s Investment Memos and sponsored deep dives on startups.

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Not boring at all

Being honest, I didn’t have much expectations before subscribing. But wow I was wrong. Reading it for a bit more than two weeks and can’t wait for every new issue. It’s strange that it isn’t paid because most of such quality content is under the paywall these days. About the content - it’s everything you can expect from strategy deep dive newsletter - it answers a lot of Why’s about companies or concepts that would take loads of time to come up to yourself. The only issue I have is that one needs to continue reading each newsletter in the website instead of delivering it in full, since then you understand that there’s much reading left and sometimes decide to continue later.

Better than Harvard Business Cases

Packy writes very well crafted and deep and not cliché at all analysis of tech companies. It helps you understand and build Super valuable content

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