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Get the latest news on stocks, trading, and crypto. 

Ask a Wise Ape is a daily drop that keeps you updated on the latest developments in stock trading, cryptocurrency, and the economy. The cherry on top? The Sunday edition full of cultural news!  The authors are best buddies since childhood and they want to provide value in as casual and simple way as possible. So while Ape of Omaha shares his insights to help you make smarter investing decisions, Ape of The Emerald City brings you the best of the cultural world. Their casual writing style, combined with some witty jokes, makes even the most complex trading terms easy to understand and perfect for traders of every level. 

Subscribe and enjoy short, informative posts on Ethereum, discuss monetary policy and recession, and learn why Top Gun Maverick just simply works!




Two childhood friends and experts in their fields - Ape of Omaha is a private Wolf St. Trader, VC, and Founder and the Ape of Emerald City is a renowned Columnist and Songwriter. With the Ask a Wise Ape newsletter these guys are on a mission to help people understand the economic landscape better and make accurate predictions for smarter investing.


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One of my favorite newsletters

I really enjoy the fresh perspectives from aawa. I’ve learned a few new concepts here and there and love the refreshing format. Keep up the great work! I appreciate the effort you put in to your research and writing.

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