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Reporting, first-person commentary, and reported essays on communities that journalism in the United States has typically ignored.

The Objective is here to fix journalism. The writers believe in their mission and are ready to share, critique, and undo “the industry’s historical wrongs”. The newsletter is full of behind-the-scenes stories, highlighting what is behind the culture war, lack of diversity in newsrooms, and other important issues that are easily missed as they’re rarely covered by other media outlets.
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The objective was born after the co-founder Gabe Schneider felt fed up with multiple pitch rejections concerning diversity stories and decided to start writing it himself. Together with Marlee Baldridge, they co-founded The Objective where the coverage of unrepresented communities would be the focal point. The content is produced by an “all-volunteer collective of writers”.


The Objective is a free, weekly newsletter. It is being sent pretty randomly - sometimes two times a day, and sometimes - every other week. Usually on Fridays, but occasionally on Mondays.

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