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Reflections on longing, confusion, and joy.

Expect commentary on the human condition with a touch of humor, anger, and questioning. Ask Molly is an existentialist advice column with lots of perfectly placed fucks. Heather Havrilesky shares her wisdom exploring all things that are messy, frustrating, or unpleasant. Explore topics from marriage to little guys, politics to mean girls and you’ll see - Ask Molly tells exactly what you needed to hear.




Heather Havrilesky is an essayist and author of multiple books. She has been writing an advice column Ask Polly for New York’s The Cut since 2012. Ask Molly newsletter is considered to be "just like Ask Polly, except evil".


When choosing the free version, you are supposed to receive only occasional public posts. Usually, every other content piece is available for free, so you can expect to receive the newsletter once a week.


The paid subscription of Ask Molly costs $5. The newsletter is being sent up to two times a week. The distribution is random, but more often than not - you will receive an issue on Mondays. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content, though it varies a lot in frequency - usually, it’s one additional issue a week, but sometimes a whole month’s worth of content is under a paywall. There is also the bonus of a full archive and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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