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Lieutenant, you would do me an enormous favor if you stopped calling me sir.

The Shatner Chatner is a newsletter full of Daniel Lavery’s thoughts and feelings. It features thought-provoking personal essays, weird jokes, and opinions that give you a sneak peek into the writer’s mind. The author shares things you never knew you wanted to hear - from random observations and hypothetical scenarios to truthful stories about transition and family estrangement. Subscribe to Daniel Lavery’s niche worldview and enjoy 21st-century poetry.




Daniel M. Lavery is an advice columnist and podcast host of Dear Prudence, New York Times bestselling author, and Co-Founder of the website The Toast. After finishing the book, Daniel Lavery was looking for a place to put “all the weird jokes and thoughts and ruminations” and so in 2017, The Shatner Chatner was launched.


By choosing the free version you are supposed to receive ‘twice-weekly newsletters’. It is practically correct, but sometimes the author sends 3 newsletters a week and the majority of them are being distributed for free.


The paid subscription of The Shatner Chatner costs $5. The newsletter is being sent two to three times a week, very randomly, but frequently - on Sundays. The subscription should give you access to subscriber-only content, a full archive, and the possibility to post comments and join the community. As it is very rare for the author to place an issue under the paywall, consider subscribing to support the author.

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