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Advice, essays, and more by John Paul Brammer.

Hola Papi is a popular LGBTQ and Latino advice column, suited for anyone who appreciates wit and wisdom. Full of essays, illustrations, and unfiltered thoughts - Hola Papi has the winning formula of “40% funny, 40% earnest, 10% bonkers, and 10% Valentina hot sauce.” The column tackles questions from readers around the world and it is now considered a reflection on what it means to be queer in today’s society. It’s honest, it’s humorous and it’s full of wisdom on love and life.




John Paul Brammer is a writer, advice columnist, and illustrator aka “Twitter-addled gay Mexican with chronic anxiety who thinks he can fix your life.” Hola Papi started in 2017 and move from INTO to Conde Nast to Out Magazine before landing on Substack in a newsletter format.


Hola Papi is a free, weekly newsletter. It is being published quite randomly - sometimes a few times a week, other times - every other week. Subscribe for free, but consider supporting the author by purchasing a piece of his art or a recently published book.

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