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a newsletter is a publication on food and life’s nuances. Alison Roman shares original stories, best recipes, and recommendations for quarantine activities all through her personal lens. The author gives you food for thought as well - whether it’s drawing parallels between dill and herself, expressing emotions surrounding pasta carbonara, or considering whether capitalism inspired apple (over)picking - it’s always entertaining and very relatable. Subscribe for tasty recipes and stay for Alison Roman’s whimsical writing. 




Alison Roman is a cook, food writer, and author of Nothing Fancy and Dining In. She started her career working in the restaurants as a pastry cook, moved on to publish bestselling books, and write columns for New York Times and Bon Appétit. After leaving NYT, Alison Roman started a “new chapter” and launched her own newsletter in 2020.


The perk that you get when subscribing to a free version of a newsletter is that - “it’s...free!”. To be more precise - you will receive one issue every week, usually on Fridays.


The paid subscription of a newsletter costs $5. The newsletter is being sent up to two times a week. This means that you will receive subscriber-only content, two-three times a month. The subscription also gives you additional recipes, the possibility to join conversations and Q&A threads, and access to online cooking classes. Every month a portion of profits goes to a selected foundation.

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