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The Overshare

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A fun, messy, honest, vulnerable, over-sharing holiday card you receive from your crazy auntie!

The Overshare is aptly named. Writer Brittany Ballard, known as Baby Luck, doesn’t fear vulnerability and exposure and weaves it into her writing. The author is honest when discussing her emotions, be it something as minute as her stress over an incomplete garden, or as big as the lifelong battle with eating disorders - Brittany tells it how it is. She also frequently touches on life as a parent, not shying away from the trials and tribulations that it comes with. So if you’re looking for advice, or just trying to find someone’s writing you feel you can relate to, be sure to check out The Overshare.




Brittany Ballard is a musician, writer, filmmaker, and mother. The Overshare allows her to personally connect with her audience through writing, so that we can all feel a little closer in a world that seems increasingly distant.


Brittany’s posting is rather sporadic, occasionally posting 3 times a month but also taking breaks that can last up to 8 months. Subscribe for the surprise in your inbox!

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