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A newsletter about the details.

Supergranular is a newsletter about looking at life very closely, finding connections and worthy moments. Thom Wong shares his personal stories and interesting thoughts which are all very relatable. You will read pieces on anxiety and ways to quiet your mind, thoughts on treating strangers, passive income for the soul, and the importance of betting on yourself to tell your own story. Subscribe for interesting original articles, “random giveaway art project-style things” and subtle recommendations for life in London.




Thom Wong is a writer and content designer at Miro, with a decade of experience in creative fields. He was encouraged to start writing a Relationship, City, or Pop Culture guide in the past which in some form or the other became Supergranular. Thom Wong also has an amazing list, of 100 things he most enjoys about living in London, that is worth checking out.


Supergranular is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. It is stated that ‘it’ll go out every Tuesday or so’, but from our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter once or twice a month. Look at the bright side - it will be like a surprise in your inbox!

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