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The Single Supplement

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Because single people deserve a newsletter of their own.

Just that, this newsletter covers all the topics that a single person could care about without the usual judgment that's being felt between the lines. Nicola writes about topics from dealing with personal finance and mortgages to navigating awkward family interrogations and sometimes about the lonely feeling of being alone. Nicola shares very personal stories that we all can relate to since we’ve all dealt with them at some point in our lives. Like the feeling of always being behind or feeling invisible in a big city, especially after the pandemic, or just how it is a lot easier to be in a relationship since our society is couple-centric. However, this newsletter is not ONLY for single people, there are stories and insights for all, coupled or uncoupled.

So subscribe to The Single Supplement for a dose of honesty and get all the stories, curated news, and interesting Q&As




Nicola Slawson is a freelance journalist whose writing appears in The Guardian, The Observer, HuffPost among others. She started the newsletter in a need for better journalism for single women, looking for something you could read without feeling patronized but informed and maybe even empowered.


The Single Supplement newsletter seems to be paid, though doesn't provide any specific details on the frequency and additional content. For quite some time the newsletter has been coming out every Sunday, but recently it's being published by guest writers only once a month. We suggest subscribing for free and if you wish to get full access to the archive, go for the 7-day-free-trial option.

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