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Awesome People List connects talented individuals to startups with the purpose of supercharging companies’ growth. Julia Lipton believes that the right people can boost any company’s profits, drive more customers and streamline business operations. That’s why she curates a list of the best candidates available for hire. In each issue, Julia introduces the person, their position, and achievements as well as personal commentary on why you should hire them.  The newsletter includes expert insights and real-life examples of the job/industry in question. At the end of every post, the author surfaces recent features, and part-time opportunities, and encourages you to connect making the recruitment process as easy as it can be! 

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Julia Lipton is the founder of Awesome People Ventures and a prominent investor in web3. She launched Awesome People Ventures in 2019 and showcased an impressive portfolio. Since launching her venture, she’s been looking for ways to connect top-notch talent to relevant startups in order to make the hiring process hassle-free. Here's where the curations of Awesome People List come in!


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