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The history and politics of monopoly power.

Matt Stoller is driving the antitrust debate and writing a newsletter that encourages to take action. The newsletter tangles the Big Tech exploring topics from Facebook’s lack of accountability, Bezos’s billions to a current Google suit that starts a new era on the policy. Big also identifies market power in niche areas, so you can expect an overview of monopolization in cheerleading, songs, and horse shows.


Deep Dive


Matt Stoller is the Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project and a fellow at the Open Markets Institute. He is frequently published in major media outlets and is the author of an insightful book on concentrated financial power that transformed American business and politics - Goliath.


The BIG is a free, weekly newsletter. It is being sent quite randomly, usually once a week, but sometimes (especially recently) - two times a week. The subscription gives you access to a full archive and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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