Letters from an American

Letters from an American

A newsletter about the history behind today's politics.

Letters from an American is a historian’s perspective of today’s political landscape. Heather Cox Richardson highlights what is important out of the day’s news, eliminating the noise around it. The author gives context to today’s politics by placing everything into the big picture of American history. Letters from an American are considered to be both informative and hopeful. You can expect facts and details, together with the provided sources at the end of every post and original perspectives from the author. Subscribe to the voice of reason and explore “what it means and what it has meant, to be an American.”




Heather Cox Richardson Ph.D. is an American historian, a professor of history at Boston College, and an author of six books. In 2019 she started writing short posts on her Facebook page on the political events around the Ukraine scandal and Trump’s impeachment process. The readers have poured her with questions, eager to know more, so she continued posting and later moved to a newsletter format. Letters from an American is still being sent every day.


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The paid subscription of Letter From An American costs $5. The newsletter is daily, and we mean it - you will receive an issue every day! It is stated that the subscription gives you subscriber-only content (occasional discussion threads), a full archive, and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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