Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Actionable insights to build better mental models for life and business

Building Blocks is a weekly newsletter where clinical psychologist Corey Wilks shares 3 actionable insights on shifting people’s perspectives and living more meaningful lives. He hopes to inspire people to take more intentional, purpose-driven steps in their life and business that embraces their authenticity and fulfills them. Every issue includes three short insights packed with value and a thought-provoking question at the end. You’ll be taking advantage of the psychology behind your actions and receive issues every week on topics such as personal growth, intentional living, and combating the fear of failure.

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Corey Wilks is a licensed clinical psychologist and executive coach. In late 2020 Corey quit his job working as a therapist to pursue entrepreneurship. He started his newsletter and created a few courses to help business owners explore the psychology and how they can use it to reach their goals and be successful.


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