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A newsletter for the thoughtful. A medley of resources and thoughts on wellness start-ups, personal development, spiritual growth and philosophy.

Wellness Wisdom is a newsletter that covers mental health through a digital lens. Every few weeks Patricia Mou gives her take on the mental health tech space. The author shares mental health tech news, recommends resources and tools for your internal space and brings food for thoughts. Read about TikTok and Instragam therapists, digital gardens, writing as a therapy, and quarantine routines. Subscribe to receive original articles, monthly interviews on “Wellness Stacks” and join the “Wellness Wisdom essay club” to discuss some interesting reads.




Patricia Mou is a Senior Product Manager at Calm, founder of Newsletter Stack, writer of Wellness Wisdom and AmorFati newsletters, and a real side hustler. In her free time, Patricia Mou is building mindful products and considers herself a virtual librarian. She started Wellness Wisdom at the beginning of the pandemic as a coping mechanism and now carries the mission of helping others help themselves.


Wellness Wisdom is a free, weekly newsletter. It is stated that you will receive an e-mail on a weekly basis, every Sunday, but... we checked and it seems that usually the newsletter is being distributed two to three times a month on random days.

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