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The small community of curious people about the passion economy.

Community Weekly is a curated collection of all things community. Created for “online creators striving to stay independent”, the newsletter provides articles on community building, recommendations for community tools and events, and most importantly - a list of new online communities to join. Community Weekly has an extension in a podcast form - CommunityOps where Anna Grigoryan interviews community builders about the experiences of building a...yes, a community. The newsletter contains Weekly Originals, Featured Community, and a section for Community Newcomers. Subscribe to learn about community onboarding and pipelines, discover interesting stats, and….join the community at Community Weekly!




Anna Grigoryan considers herself a “freelance creator of things”. She has been changing her career path from a role as a product manager, to community manager and software engineer to now - a writer. In 2020 she quit her job to start building something of her own - and that’s how Community Finder was born. Carrying a goal to “help people discover new platform where they can find support and help” Anna Grigoryan is on her way to turning her hobby into a business.


Community Weekly is a free, weekly newsletter. From our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter once, at the end of a week.

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