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A newsletter for people who like, want or need to build communities.

Rosieland is a newsletter about all things community building. Rosie Sherry curates the space for those interested in creating value and building authentic communities. The author is pouring out her thoughts in weekly articles on topics like the need for community digital gardens, community fatigue, and lurk as a service. Rosieland is comprised of original articles, weekly roundups of curated links and tweets from and about the community, online meetups, and Q&As. Subscribe and get an additional bonus of Rosie Sherry’s “second brain” - a Notion knowledgebase with resources and ideas.



Rosie Sherry is a community builder, indie hacker, and founder of the Ministry of Testing. She has been building communities professionally for around fifteen years and is now leading the community at Indie Hackers.


It is stated that by choosing the free version you will only receive one or two posts per month. We checked, and it is true!


The paid subscription of Rosieland costs $20. The newsletter is being sent two times a week, usually - on Mondays and Thursdays. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content, access to the author’s ‘second brain’, and an invitation to regular online meetups.

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