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A tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human.

Check your Pulse is a newsletter that explores technology and startups, highlighting the human side of tech. Sari Azout aims to curate your information diet to provide the “very best content on startups and human-centered work”. Check your Pulse consists of original articles, and multiple curated links in “caught my attention”, “venture corner” and “overheard on Twitter” collections. The author shares links and opinions on new and promising startups, interesting tools and up and coming trends. Sari Azout connects the dots and shares mind-provoking thoughts to provide context on topics like gig vs. creator economy, shift from top-down to trust-based relationships, and community knowledge networks. Subscribe now and learn how to live and think better.



Sari Azout is a writer, entrepreneur, product strategist, and investor. She is the head of the strategy for a startup studio Rokk3r and runs an early-stage VC fund. In 2019 Sari Azout started doing “What inspired me this week?” roundups on Instagram and after receiving lots of positive feedback she transformed the idea into a newsletter with curated links from around the web. She describes her newsletter as an intersection of tech and humanity and carries the mission “to bring more humanity and creativity to technology and startups”.


Check your Pulse is a free, bi-weekly newsletter. From our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter up to three times a month.

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